Why am I receiving the error message: "The total should be more than: EUR 0.00"?

Occasionally, representatives encounter issues when submitting orders with negative amounts. The creation of a credit order is not possible due to the following message in the app: "Order total must be more than: EUR 0.00."

This message appears when there are negative order lines in the shopping cart, such as returns or credit orders. The message prevents the submission of the order.

To allow negative amounts for credit orders, a negative value must be entered for the user in the CMS. Follow the steps below:

1. Access the CMS and navigate to App4Sales > Manage users
2. Click on the row of the relevant user to access the user details.
3. Enter the value -9999 in the Min Order Value setting.
4. Save the changes.
5. Refresh the app.

After following these steps, orders with negative order lines can be sent from App4Sales.

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