Why am I receiving the warning message: Are you sure you want to replace the current customer?

This warning is triggered within App4Sales when an order for a different customer is already open in the shopping cart, and you have the option to switch the customer associated with the order. By clicking 'Ok,' the customer in the shopping basket is updated, enabling the representative to continue with the order completion process.

Here is an illustrative example:

1. Let's consider two customers, customer A and customer B.
2. Currently, an order has been placed in the shopping cart for customer A, containing items 1 and 2.
3. If you switch to customer B within the app and click the 'Order' button, the warning alert will be displayed.
4. If you choose 'Ok,' customer A will be replaced with customer B on the order.
5. The result is that the shopping cart now contains an order for customer B, with the same items 1 and 2.

This alert provides the capability to change the customer associated with the order in the shopping cart.

If the representative wishes to begin the order process from scratch, they can access order options through the shopping cart and select Delete order to clear the basket.

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