Why aren't all product features listed in the e-mail for stock messages?
This has to do with how the information is delivered from your ERP. You can add five different codes (placeholders) in the templates/stock message module. These placeholders are populated during the sending of the e-mail with the information as supplied from your data/ERP.

Why is an order confirmation e-mail sent in Dutch to an English customer?
There is a certain order for sending the e-mail language. Beneath you see the order. Is option 1 not correct? Go to option 2... etc..
1. E-mailpreference that is set on the frontend (page "my preferences"). This setting gives the customer the possibility to set a e-mailpreference. This will be leading.

2. Language that is chosen on the frontend by clicking on the 'flag' on the right side of de B2B.
3. Language that is send for the customer from the data to the B2B (import data).
4. E-maillanguage (If the template of the language is active). This you will find in the module templates.
5. Default language. This setting you will find in the module settings, general.

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