Releasenotes july 2022

These options are only available in our new framework. For more information, please contact

Grids and media grids language dependent
Set a grid per language. Go to the module mediagrids for more info.
Hide empty fields in new customer email
Only the completed fields in the new customer form will be sent in the email.

Support for v2 live calls added for the a4s link
This is a support for v2 versions of app4sales livecalls, so that also order and invoice pdfs can be shown.

Increed the maximal order ammount
The maximum order amount you can enter in the order matrix has been increased to 999999.

Selectable fields for the catalogue
It is now possible to show 2 additional attributes at item level in the catalogue. This is only possible from the item_semantics table. These are shown in the catalogue

Set a default value of "active b2c" in product management

Checks on import files
This means that a "pre-import function" performs a check and sends an email if a too large difference is found.

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