Releasenotes june 2022

Download function on style level
This function is added for the image download on the shoppingcart and my orders page.

Order steps on style level
Now you have the possibility to fill the order steps field on model OR variant level.

Popup management in the admin environment
This is managed by optimizers to give the key users important information after login.

Added 5 fields to the customer excel import
The fields are segment_shipping_costs” / “segment_visible_content” /“segment_discount_rule”  “segment_download” / “segment_retour_reason”.

Expanded the prefiled xls with price information
This is available for import shoppingcart function. 

Added EANcode to overview my open orderlines
This overview is made up of the my orders. The EANcode field wil be shown on every line.

Select main photo for catalog
There is a new function available that gives you the possibility to select the main photo in the product images overview.

The module e-learning has been deleted

Redesigned admin modules

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