Releasenotes may 2022

Enrichment of new design
Many adjustments to new design including login page, template editor, headers and styles.

Switch button admin theme
There will be a button in the admin page to switch between the old and new theme.

EAN added to order enhancer for b2c orders
Added improvement that the eancode is also sent in the order xml for b2c orders.

Email templates are adjusted
Many have been adjusted and improved. For example stock notification, VAT number check, draft order, order confirmation, return order, new customer form. In addition, for all templates a new field has been made available (placeholder) for adding a text fragment (both email and PDF).

Support for separate files for prices import
Possibility to send prices per model in a separate file. Contact eezeebee support for more information.

Referal id for new customer form
There is a module available which registers from which source the new customer form has been completed. As soon as you click on the form, it will be registered from which source it was clicked.

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