Releasenotes april 2023

These options are only available in the new framework. Do you have questions about the features below? Feel free to contact our support department. Send an email to


Deliveryaddress from historical file in orderhistory view
The shipment-address sent from the erp is now shown on the order-detailpage and invoice-detailpage. Log in to a customer account to see the results.

Added labels to extra fields in catalog
In the settings tab catalog you can now add 2 additional fields for display in the catalog. You can also choose to display a label. These labels can be translated into the module languages (CATALOG_ITEM_EXTRA_VALUES_1 and CATALOG_ITEM_EXTRA_VALUES_2).

Tweakwise Category-id added to customfilter to enable loading category-filters
Now possible to select a Tweakwise category when adding/editing a customfilter. This makes it now possible to have different filters in the left-bar, because this based on the selected category.

Show social icons in topbar
Added a new region to the blockmanager, so you can now also add social icons to the top-header instead of the footer. Note: theres a small bugfix coming for the text alignment of the words “Follow us”.

TECHNICAL (may not be visible or adjustable)

Added field return order channelengine
The field extra_reference in the retourorder-xml is now filled with ChannelReturnNo and ChannelOrderNo 
Added at request of app4sales team, this is not testable in frontend/backend.

DAM changes – Added xml import
There were added several technical improvements. See below the different features.
Added new fields to DAM module
That are neccesary for matching/comparing/updating local database entries based on import-data.

Softdelete DAM assets

Neccesary for not deleting everything when a bad importfile is sent
Import script for DAM XML
2 ways to supply assets (files):
- External publicly reachable urls to files – the DAM will then download these
- Uploaded to a certain FTP-folder which we will supply
Setting added to the import-settings for selecting the default-segment
Ment for DAM import. All new files will automatically be added.

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