Releasenotes january 2023

These options are only available in the new framework. Do you have questions about the features below? Feel free to contact our support department. Send an email to


PDF template adapted to the new design
The new design has been applied to the following pages: wishlist, templateorder, draftorder, my-invoice,
my-order, my-shipping.

Ability to restrict access for visibility account pages (my-pages)
You can now restrict access to customers and/or agents. Go to settings, my account pages tab.

Change display of stock info button product page
This concerns showing only stock available on order date. So if you show exact stock and for the item there is immediate stock of 0 and future stock of 225 as of 05/05 then the display is 225. Go to stock settings, option "Hide stock added".

Ability to display 1000 lines in order summary
This is regulated with settings for my-account pages. For example admin page "Exported orders". Click on "Show 1000 lines" feature.

Display of catalogue filters now also possible at the top of the website
You now have the choice of displaying catalogue filters on the left or top. Go to settings, catalogue tab option "Catalogue filter position".

New module : Digital Asset Management (DAM)
This is a paid module. You can find more information on your Digital Asset Manager page.

TECHNICAL (possibly not visible or adjustable)

Display colour and size changed to separate fields
For showing only the colour in all views, you can now supply separate fields from the ERP/CMS. Note that this has only been applied to the standard xml import and a4s. The field hide_color_size has been changed to "hide_color" and "hide_size".

Placeholder {HEADER_TOP} has been removed from templates
This placeholder is no longer available.

Difference title simple product, or matrix product
For a simple product, only model number is shown. A matrix product (i.e. article with colour and size) shows model number, size and colour. This depends on the usage: hide-colour, hide-size and "display of colour".

Message added when adding an article from quickorderview
The following message appears: "Items are automatically added to the shopping cart".
This is not a replacement for the module 'downloads.

Security improvement to prevent direct access to module in admin
Permissions are now controlled by a central function.

External images importable via xml interface
There is a new type of XML to deliver via import semantics the images localised outside the b2b portal.

Errors in the import no longer cause entire blocks of data to be skipped
A fallback has been built in that when import encounters an error while inserting a data block, all rows are retried individually. This will reduce the impact of data on import.

Added ContactName field to the order xml
In the Reflecta export the contact name is also sent.

Security improvement
A function has been added to locate the administrator to another (random) url, so it is not easy to guess. Similar to feature from Prestashop.


Tweakwise now possible in combination with stock settings (stock module)
- added 4 hidden filters in the navigation: visible_in_stocksale_catalog, visible_in_stocksale_search, visible_in_presale_catalog, visible_in_presale_search.
- Added a checkbox called "use stock filtering" in the admin from Tweakwise settings.

Numbers/amounts rounding in sliders (filtering)
Various filters can be controlled from Tweakwise. Number of decimals can now be regulated based on set field 'css class' in Tweakwise.

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