Why is it that when setting up a custom filter, some PLM options are not displayed?
Not all fields from the PLM are sent to the B2B. For more information go to the PLM environment > control panel > features. Under the column 'type', only the description 'choice list' and 'choice box' are included as information under the custom filter.
Go to the channel manager and click on B2B export for more information about what is being exported to the B2B.

What does a super filter do exactly?
A super filter is intended to restrict products or collections to certain customers and/or sales agents only. If you want all customers to see the available products, then you don't need the super filter. Click here for more information about super filters.

Where can I see which customer is linked to which super filter if I provide this information from an import file?
Suppose you import the super filters with a filled 'Identifier’ field to the B2B. Go to the module 'check product'. You then select the relevant customer (without a linked sales agent) and click on 'go'. In the line 'accessible for super filters', you can see to which super filters the customer is linked.

Can I also link the fallback language in the B2B tab manager to the PLM?
Yes, you can. For each tab manager item, you can indicate whether the fallback language can be used if there is no option available in the selected language. You can disable the fallback language in the PLM field description, so that it is not shown in the front end.

How can I filter on prepack value?
1.You have the option to set a default filter for this. Go to the settings module and click on products.
Then tick the box of the option ‘is prepack’ in the product filters.
2.You can filter on prepacks with a custom filter. To do this, go to the custom filters module.
Select ‘yes’ in the list box next to the option ‘contains prepacks’.

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