Why are my products not available on the B2B?

If the products have been sent from your ERP to the Eezee B2B, then it could be that the import hasn't been processed yet. You can see this in the import module > Import/Export data. If the import has been processed, check the product. Go to the check product module and choose the model and order type and click on 'Go'. For each line, the 'Result' field should be set to 'Yes'. If a line is set to ‘No’, then go to the check product module for more information.

Is the stock automatically updated on the B2B when an order is placed?
Yes, an order confirmation is sent automatically. In addition, the stock in Eezee B2B will be updated immediately. If there will be a new import in Eezee B2B, then the stock may be updated again. Go to the import module for more information about the import.

How can I deactivate pre-sale/stock for the logged in users on the B2B website?
Go to settings > general > 'login order types' and choose the option 'pre-sale only' or 'stock only'.
> go to 'preferred login order type' and choose 'pre-sale' or 'stock'.
> 'select order type' and choose 'pre-sale only' or 'stock only'.
The settings apply immediately.

Is it possible to easily switch off the pre-sale products for all customers?
Yes, this is possible. You have two options to choose from:
1.Go to your ERP. Create a price group for all pre-sale products and select all customers or certain groups of customers to assign to this price group.
As soon as you change the entire price group, it will be changed in Eezee B2B with the next import. Go to the import module for more information.
2.Go to the super filters module.
A super filter is intended to restrict products or collections to particular customers. You can therefore easily select and unselect all customers at the same time. Click here for more information about super filters.

Why aren't my product images shown in the correct order?
If this concerns a new collection, then it depends on the file name whether the correct order can be shown. For more information, go to the product images module to use the correct setting for the file name. If images of the model already exist, then we recommend that you first delete these, so that the correct order can be displayed when uploading new product images (when transferring from old to new product images, no order can be followed).

How can I make sure that the discount is listed on the order?
You have different lines that you can populate from your ERP. Enter a discount into the <discount> field.

How can I set discount codes?
Go to the discount codes module. The customer will then see a field for entering a discount code during checkout.

How can I ensure that additional product information is shown on Eezee B2B?
Use the Eezee PLM and the tab manager module.

Can I configure the system to take a product offline immediately as soon as it is out of stock?
Yes, this is possible. Go to the stock management module and enter 'do not display products without stock' for pre-sales or stock. See the stock module for more information.

How can I ensure that products or collections are not shown to a customer?
You have two options to choose from:
1.It is possible to divide the customers from your ERP into 'price groups'. The price groups ensure that prices are shown per group for certain products/collections. There are four price groups:
- price group 0, price group 1, price group 2.
- price group D = default prices.
2.You can set a super filter for this. Go to the super filter module.

The product is not accessible through the super filter in the 'Check product' module. What does this mean?
If a product falls under a super filter, it must be available to the customer and/or sales agent. The user is therefore not selected in the super filter under which the product falls. A super filter is a filter on the total product database based on ERP and/or PLM characteristics.

Why is no price shown for our product?
This can be caused by a variety of reasons. It could be that no prices are shown for the product variant from your ERP or that your ERP has categorized the product in a different price group for which no prices are shown. Please note: the value of the currency should be equal to the price line. Go to the check product module, enter the product number in the model line, select the type of stock or pre-sale, and click on 'go'. If all results are set to ‘Yes’, please contact the help desk at

How can I check whether a product is only sent from our ERP for pre-sale?
1.Go to the product check module, search for the model number, customer, and order type pre-sale, and click on 'go'. If the result in the line ‘variant available for pre-sale’ is set to ‘Yes’, then click on the order type stock and click on 'go' again. If the result in the line ‘variant available for stock’ is set to ‘No’, then it means that the model number is not available for stock.
2.You can also check this in the data, but this is a little more complex. Go to the import module and then click on ‘view data’.
          1.Click on the line item_models and search for the model number. Write down or copy the ID                        number. This is shown in blue in the first column.
          2.Go back to 'view data' and click on the line 'items'. Search for the ID number you wrote down in                point 1. Write down or copy the ID number of this model_id. This is shown in blue in the first                      column.
3.Go back to 'view data' and click on the line 'item_variants'. Search for the ID number you wrote                  down in point 2.
          4.View the noos column. Meaning of the following values:
                    2 = pre-sale and stock 1 = stock 0 = pre-sale.

How can I add product videos?
This is only possible if you use Eezee PIM.

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