Digital Asset Manager

In this module you manage the downloads displayed in the menu on the website. This is an extensive downloads module that can be used as an image bank. Are you interested? Please contact our sales department.

Setting up backend

Step 1 - New segment
Go to 'Manage DAM segments' and click 'add'. Give the segment a name (by language).
These segments act as a filter category shown on the left side of the page.

Step 2 - New tag
Go to 'Manage DAM tags' and click 'add'. These tags will be shown as filter items in the filter category. Choose the segment that this label belongs to. Give the label a name.

Step 3 - New downloads
Go to 'Manage DAM assets' and click 'add'.

DAM asset= choose a the download file
Generate preview image= choose this option if you want to show a preview. Also set the visibility. The preview is only shown for image files.
DAM Labels= choose the filter item you want to link to this download.
Name= give this download item a name
Description= give this download item a description (optional)


Click on a filter checkbox on the left side of the page and see what downloads are available for this filter item.
Download file
Click on the icon with a downward arrow. The file will be downloaded automatically.
Downloading multiple files
Click the 'add' button by the desired images. When all desired images have been added click the icon with a downward arrow. All selected images will be downloaded in a zip file.
More info
Click on the info icon below the image. Here the file details are shown.
You can search the download items. Type a search term in the top bar.

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