Import module

This module shows the updated import and export files. Note that if the date is not updated, this does not mean that the import is no longer running, but that there are no changes, or that files could not be imported due to errors.


Each individual import runs per line, and depends on your ERP/CMS whether individual files are provided. See an example above.

Standard imports
Sales agents = this concerns all sales agents
Items = this concerns all items including prices. It is possible to send prices via separate file (fd_prices.xml). Please contact support for more information.
Customers = this concerns all customers with any login policies
Orders/Invoices/Shippings = this is a historical file that is offered from your ERP/CMS.
Files in import folder
This folder contains files that are ready to be imported. Are there no files? Then this means that nothing is currently ready on the ftp.
Files in import history folder
Here you will find files that have already been imported. This history is kept with a certain time frame.

Go to the settings module > import. View all options applicable to the import.


Dit betreffen de xml bestanden voor de weborders die zijn geplaatst vanuit de b2b omgeving en/of apps.
Klik op ' toon alle exports'  om overige bestanden te bekijken. 

Opslaan van xml bestanden
Klik met je rechtermuisknop op het xml bestand en kies voor ' link opslaan als'. 

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