Why can't I log into my account?

When there is no vehicle available to select, check:

1. Organisationname: let the driver clear all credentials and enter them again. There might have been a typo in the organisationname or other login credentials.

2. Dataconnection: let the driver open a webpage like Google to check if the dataconnection is working.

3. Vehicles in CMS: check if there are vehicles available in CMS. Go to the tab 'Vehicles' your own personal CMS-portal (https://cms.app2track.com/organisationname) and select 'Add vehicles' if there are vehicles missing. 

When the app tells you 'The username and/or vehicle ID is not correct', check:

1. Entered password and username: has the driver entered the credentials correctly again. 

2. Password in CMS: under the tab 'drivers' you click on the little pen in the square to edit the password of the relevant driver.

When App2Track closes with an error message, check:

1. Permission for storage: App2Track has not been granted permission to use the telephone storage. This is necessary for using App2track. You can enable this when downloading the app or afterwards when you go to your phone settings / application management (or apps) / App2Track under 'permissions'.

In all cases, you can try to log in to the driver's account on your own device to test whether the account works.

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