How do I import free item fields (attributes) from

Are there fields in App4Sales or Portal4Sales missing which are important to you? Then you can create a new attribute in If you need help creating those in Visma, you can ask your Visma consultant or supplier for assistance. Once the attribute exists and has been linked to an item in your ERP, it will be imported into the CMS with the next item synchronisation.

The imported attributes can be found in the CMS > Items > Item categories. Here you can convert them into:

  • Is Filter: use the attribute as an item group. The item groups can be found via App4Sales > Item classes or Portal4Sales > Item classes.
  • Is FreeField: use the attribute as a free field on the item card.
  • Related Items: items with the same value in the attribute in Visma will be related. This means that they will show up as a clickable item picture on the bottom of the item card, and you can go to the other item with just one click. For example, a lampshade and lamp base which together form one lamp.
  • Name in app: allows you to rename the item group/free field which originally is an attribute.

Every adjustment you have made in the Item categories in the CMS will be applicable from the next item sync.

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