Can I log out of App4Sales?

As an App4Sales user, logging out is not possible. Once logged in, the session remains active even after closing the app, eliminating the need for repeated logins.

For additional options:

Change Administration
Click Menu > Select Change Administration > Click on the administration name. The 'Edit Administration' screen will appear, allowing you to modify Administration Name, Username, and Password.

Add a new administration
This is useful if you want to work with multiple administrations. It is then possible to switch between administrations. Go to Menu > Change administration and click the + at the top right of the screen. Fill in the details of the administration.

Delete an administration
If you no longer need an administration, it is possible to delete it. However, this can only be done when the administration is inactive, which can be recognised by the line without the blue tick. By clicking on this line, the bin icon appears. Confirm the delete action.

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