Is it possible to send the order confirmation email in a different language?

In the CMS it is possible to create order confirmation emails in different languages, so that customers receive the confirmation in the language of their choice. This feature requires the customer's language to be known in the CMS and thus in the linked ERP. If the customer's language is not known, the default email will be sent.

To create language-specific order confirmation emails, follow these steps:

1. Log in to the CMS and navigate to Administration > Order types.
2. Click on the order line and then on the blue 'Email translations' button.
3. Select 'New' and choose the language you want to create the email for.
4. Use variables, found under the 'Info' button, to personalise the e-mail. Such as customer name and order number. Variables can be added by copying the variable and pasting it into the text.
5. Write the content of the e-mail in the chosen language.
6. Save the e-mail and repeat these steps for any additional languages you want to add.

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