How can the representative receive an order confirmation?

If the representative is using App4Sales, they can also receive an order confirmation when a customer creates an order through Portal4Sales. The representative will receive an email when the customer sends the order.

Several key points to consider:

1. Ensure that the Send to sales rep setting under 'Order confirmation' is enabled. You can find this setting in the CMS via Portal4Sales > Settings > Order tab.

2. The Leave customer manager empty setting must be off. (Portal4Sales > Settings > Order tab)

3. If a customer makes his own order in the Portal, a connection is needed between the customer and the representative. For this, we look at the representative (CustomerManager) linked to the customer making the order. This name must also be registered as the username or name with the App4Sales user.

4. Verify that the representative has an email address linked in the 'Email' field via App4Sales > Manage users.

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