How to display a specific assortment to the sales representative?

Assigning an item filter to an App4Sales user allows you to precisely determine which items the user can or cannot view. This is ideal when you want to exclude certain items from being displayed in the app, maintaining complete control over the assortment presented to each user.

In the CMS, go to App4Sales > Manage users > Click on the user's entry.
1. Choose the assortment under the Item Filters section.
2. Select the sub-category.
3. Link the assortment by clicking on the green plus icon.
4. Save the filter.
Instruct the user to refresh App4Sales. Only the items within the linked assortment will now be visible in the app.

It is possible to link multiple assortments. Linking filters from different main categories can affect the operation of the filter. Learn more about the functioning of the filters in the article How do I limit the visibility of specific items to certain customers?

Exclude Assortment

When the setting Use item filter to exclude items is applied, the filter operates in the opposite way. In this case, all assortments are visible, except for the assortment linked through the filter.


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