How do I link the App4Sales CMS with my Exact Online administration?

Follow the steps below to give the CMS access to Exact Online. Once you have completed the steps, you can start the customer and item synchronization.

Fill in the details of Exact Online

Log in to the App4Sales CMS with the details provided by email. The link usually contains the company name and is as follows:

Go to Administration > Settings > Installation tab and fill in the fields below:

    1. Type: Exact Online
    2. Name: specify which Exact Online administration should be linked. The administration name must exactly match the administration name in Exact Online. Therefore, take into account capital letters and spaces. See the illustration below where the administration name can be found.

    3. Address: fill in the link For countries other than the Netherlands, the following links apply:
      It is not necessary to fill in the Username and Password fields.
    4. Click the Save button at the bottom of the page.
    5. Log out of Exact Online.



  1. Open the adjacent tab Connector settings in the CMS and click Authorize App4Sales.
  2. Log in to Exact Online in the usual way with the user who has the most privileges within the administration.
  3. Grant App4Sales permission to access the Exact Online administration. This is necessary to retrieve customers and items and to submit orders.
  4. You will return to the CMS. Check whether the URL in the address bar ends with ExactOnlineCallback=True
    The connection has been successfully executed.

Now that the connection has been made, customer and item information can be retrieved.

  1. Return to the Installation tab.
  2. Click the button with the blue arrows behind Stored items and Stored customers under the Synchronize heading.
  3. The moment synchronisation starts, the blue circle in front of it will jump to red and the circle with arrows will rotate. This indicates that synchronisation is in progress. The time required depends on the number of items and customers. On average, retrieving 5,000 items takes about an hour.
  4. The button turns blue and the number of customers and items is displayed. The date and time are also updated.
  5. View the data retrieved via: Customers > Manage customers, Items > Manage items and Items > Price lists.

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