Why is an edition or mood image not visible in Portal4Sales?

If an edition or mood image is not visible, please check the following points:

Deleting the browser cache.

When you repeatedly visit a website, data is stored to speed up website loading times. This can sometimes result in 'outdated' data being displayed. To ensure the Portal's content is fully updated, delete the temporary internet files. You can do this by deleting cached images and files and reloading the Portal using the hotkey combination [Ctrl], [Shift], and [Del].

Is the assortment active?

Check if the item class linked to the mood image is active. Navigate to Portal4Sales > Item classes. Active assortments are indicated by a blue tick in the P4S (Portal4Sales) column.

Is a filter active on the Portal?

In the CMS, you can set an item filter via Portal4Sales > Settings > General tab. It is possible that the item class linked to the mood image is not included in the filter or is actually excluded by the filter.

Check if mood images are linked to the edition.

An edition without linked mood images will not be displayed. Ensure that each edition contains at least one mood image and that at least one item is linked to this mood image.

Is the edition active for Portal4Sales?

Go to Portal4Sales > Editions and check if a blue bullet is visible in the Portal4Sales column. Activate the edition by clicking on the line and checking 'Portal4Sales Enabled'. The 'Portal4Sales Home' setting can be used to indicate which edition the Portal opens with by default. This setting can only be configured for one of the editions.

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