How to attach files to an item in Portal4Sales?

Using an FTP server, you can attach PDF and JPG files to an item, providing detailed information to the customer, ranging from user manuals to ingredient lists and the option to download product images. Attachments are visible on the item's detail page under the 'Attachments' heading.

Follow these steps. Please note that it is expected that an FTP server is already linked to the CMS. Consult the support department for information on how to do this.

1. Create a folder on the FTP server and place attachments in it. Use one of the following naming conventions for the files to ensure they are correctly linked to the corresponding items.

- [article code][extension] (e.g., 12345.pdf or 12345.xlsx)
- [article code]_[order][extension] (e.g., 12345_2.pdf)
- [article code]_[description][extension] (e.g., 12345_Product Sheet.pdf)
- [article code]_[description]_[order][extension] (e.g., 12345_Product Sheet_2.pdf)

2. In CMS, navigate to Administration > Settings > FTP server for external data.
3. Specify the path to the attachment folder by entering it in the Items attachments directory setting.
4. Start a synchronization with the FTP server.

If the FTP server is also used for linking item images, it's easy to make these images available for download as well. In the Items attachments directory setting, enter the same path that is specified in the Pictures directory.

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