How to add attachments to an App4Sales order?

To attach files or photos to an order in App4Sales, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the shopping cart containing your selected items.
2. Find the Add file button at the top or access it through order options.
3. Click the plus sign (+) at the top right to add a new attachment.
4. Two options will appear:

I. Take a picture:
- Allow camera access by clicking OK.
- Snap a picture and choose 'Use Photo'. 
- The photo will appear in the attachment list.
- Repeat for additional photos or files.

II. Add from Library:
- Choose this option to add an existing photo or file from the library.

Ensure the image appears on the order by enabling the Add photos to order confirmation setting. Access this setting in the CMS under Administration > Settings > Order confirmation settings and make sure it's checked.

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