How can prospective customers request access to the Portal?

The registration form allows potential customers to request access to Portal4Sales. After completing and submitting the form, the administrator will review the request. Upon approval, the customer will be granted access through the Generate Passwords feature. It's important to note that the data submitted in the form will also be transmitted to the linked ERP system.

Activate the Registration Form

1. Navigate to Portal4Sales > Settings in the CMS.
2. Open the 'Start Page' tab.
3. Enable the Enable registration form setting.

Optional Settings

- Activate Send mail after customer registration to send a confirmation to the prospective customer.
- Enable Check new registrations on existing e-mail address to avoid duplicate accounts. [Read more].
- Activate the setting Send new customer information to fixed e-mail address to receive administrator notifications upon form completion. This setting can be found on the 'General' tab.

Registration Form Configuration

Navigate to Portal4Sales > Registration Form in the CMS.

Drag the required fields from the left side to the right side to display them in the registration form. Save the changes and adjust the field order by dragging them to the desired position.

We recommend including essential contact fields, such as the email address of the main contact, for use in Portal4Sales login and password reset.

Make Fields Mandatory

Click the pencil icon to make a field mandatory. Check the Mandatory setting, and save the change.

Check the form on the Portal4Sales login page.

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