How do I grant access to Portal4Sales for my customer?

When the webshop is ready for use, access can be granted to customers. To do this, go to Portal4Sales > Generate passwords in the CMS.

1. Search for the customer name or customer code.
2. Place a tick in front of the customer's name.
3. Click the blue button Grant access to selected customers.
4. Select the customer again.
5. Click the blue button Generate passwords for selected customers. An Excel file containing the password is automatically created.
6. A blue bullet has appeared in the Password and Access columns.
7. The customer can log in using either the customer code or email address as the username and the password from the Excel document.

uitroepteken.jpgNo automatic e-mail message is sent to the customer from the CMS. Therefore, notify the customer of the gained access yourself.


Lampje.svgStart with a select group of customers.
Before going live with the entire customer database, consider starting with a small group of customers to identify any startup issues and ensure a smooth rollout.

Lampje.svgLet customers reset passwords themselves.
Avoid sending passwords via email. After the password is generated in the CMS, customers can reset their password by using the Forgot password function on the Portal4Sales login page.

Lampje.svgMake sure the email address is known.
Make sure an e-mail address is linked to the customer in the 'Generate passwords' overview. This e-mail address belongs to the main contact. Without a linked e-mail address, the customer is not able to reset the password himself.

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