How do I change the stock formula?

The stock formula can be located in the CMS under Administration > Stock formula. If the page does not display a formula, then the default formula applies:

shelf stock - to be delivered + to be received = stock

The CMS offers the option to customise the stock formula.

Example 1 Synchronise shelf stock only.

Click Add and then select the + sign in the Operator column. Now go to the dropdown menu and select ShelfStock. Click Save to save the change.

The default formula has now been modified so that only the shelf stock is used in the stock calculation.

Example 2 Calculate the stock using the shelf stock minus the quantities to be delivered.

Add a line by clicking Add again. The quantities to be delivered are subtracted from the shelf stock and therefore the minus sign is selected followed by ToBeDelivered. Save the change.

After changing the stock formula, start an item synchronisation to update the stock according to the new formula.

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