How to use different order types?

In the CMS, you have the flexibility to create various order types, including regular sales orders, quotes, pre-orders, and more. For instance, you might designate a specific order type for events like fairs. By linking an item filter to an order type, you can streamline the ordering process by restricting available items to those associated with that particular order type. Additionally, assigning a warehouse to your order type enables efficient inventory management. An extra advantage is the ability to send a separate order confirmation email to the customer for each order type.

Follow these steps to create a new order type:

1. Navigate to Administration > Order types in the CMS.
2. The default order type is initially set to 'Order.'
3. Fill in the required fields on the right side to establish the new order type.

4. Click Save; a confirmation message will indicate successful creation of the new order type.
5. Refresh App4Sales and confirm the visibility of the new order type as an additional button on the customer card.
6. Submit a test order for verification purposes.

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