Why is the data in App4Sales not up-to-date?

App4Sales is linked to the App4Sales CMS, which in turn is connected to the ERP system. In the case of a standalone connector, the CMS is populated using Excel files.

The image below illustrates the flow of information from the ERP to the CMS (management panel) and the app and vice versa. It is important to note that the app does not directly extract data such as customer and item information from the ERP package. Instead, the app retrieves this information via the App4Sales CMS, which in turn retrieves the data from the ERP package.

For the most accurate data in the app, we recommend fully refreshing the app before the start of the working day. This process does not happen automatically. During the refresh, a connection is made with the CMS, after which the most recent data is retrieved. For example: images, new items and customers, stock levels, address changes, etc.

Please refer to the article How to refresh the data in App4Sales? for instructions on how to refresh App4Sales.

A practical example

New items have been added in the ERP package. The steps below are crucial to ensure that these new items are also displayed in App4Sales.

1. Start a synchronisation in the CMS. This will transfer the new items to the CMS.
2. Once the new items are in the CMS, synchronisation can be started in the app.

Lampje.svgThe CMS is automatically synchronized with the ERP package once every 24 hours. If additional synchronization moments are needed, please contact the support department.

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