How to link an assortment to a mood image?

The easiest way to link items to a mood image is to link a specific product range to the image. This allows you to link all items within that assortment to the mood image with just one click. However, this requires organizing your items into different product groups within the linked ERP system. The significant advantage of this is that any changes made to your assortment in the ERP system are automatically reflected in your lookbook, unlike manually linking individual items to a mood image.

Linking an assortment

1. Navigate in the CMS to App4Sales > Mood Images or to Portal4Sales > Mood Images.
2. Search for the mood image to which you want to link the assortment of items. Browse through the list and use the 'Show All' option at the bottom of the page if necessary, or search by the name of the mood image.

3. The 'Filter' and 'Linked items' columns do not show a blue bullet, which means no assortment or items have been linked to the mood image yet.
4. Click on the line of the mood image and click the blue 'Filters' button.
5. Choose the correct assortment with the corresponding subcategory.

6. Click the green plus sign to link the assortment to the image. You can link multiple assortments to the image.
7. Click 'Save Filter' and close the window.

8. Return to the mood image overview.

9. A blue bullet now appears in the 'Filter' column, indicating that an assortment has been linked.


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