How to display only specific customers for the representative in App4Sales?

When logging into the app, all customers included in the App4Sales CMS are displayed by default. However, in specific situations, it might be desired for a user to see only their assigned customers or customers from a particular region or country. This can be achieved by creating a customer filter in the CMS and then linking this filter to the user.

Creating a Customer Filter

In the CMS, go to Customers > Customer Filters.
1. Choose <New> in the Select column.
2. Enter a name for the filter in the Description field.
3. Select customer filtering criteria. In the example below, a filter is created based on the country Netherlands (Equals means is equal to). It is also possible to filter based on the name of the representative associated with the customer, with the technical value CustomerManager.
4. Click the green plus icon.
5. Verify if the filter produces the desired result and choose Test Filter.
6. If the filter produces the desired result, save it with Save Filter.

Linking the Filter to the User

1. Check the user for whom you created the filter.
2. Under the Assign Filters section, choose the filter you just created.
3. Select Assign Filter.
4. The filter name is now visible in the Filter column. The filter is now linked.

Disabling Superuser

If there is still a blue dot in the Superuser column, the user, despite the linked filter, still has access to all customers in the app. Follow the steps below to deactivate this.

1. Go to App4Sales > Manage users.
2. Click on the user's entry.
3. Uncheck the box for the Access to all customers setting.
4. Save the changes.

The user is no longer a Superuser and will only see customers in the app linked through the filter.

Refreshing App4Sales

Instruct the user to fully refresh the app. This ensures that the changes made in the CMS are also updated in the app.

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