How to add a custom column to the order PDF alongside the standard columns?

In addition to the standard columns, you can add a custom column to the order PDF. For instance, you might want to include the recommended retail price.

Here's how to do it:

1. In the CMS, navigate to Administration > Settings > Order confirmation settings tab.
2. Enter the name of the free field you want to display as a column on the order PDF in the Add extra column to the order PDF (item property / free field) field, then click 'Save'.
3. To add the custom column to the PDF, go to Administration > Order Types > click on the order line > click on Columns.
4. Drag the 'ExtraColumn' from the left side (inactive) to the right side (active) of the list.
5. If needed, adjust the column order vertically and save the changes.

Lampje.svgIf you need assistance retrieving a specific field, please contact support as it may vary depending on the linked ERP.

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