How to add fields with a custom description?

On the item detail card, you have the option to display additional product information. For example, fields like 'Material', 'Weight' or 'Recommended retail price'. To add a custom field, it must be included in the items.xlsx file.

1. The items file contains multiple tabs. Choose the first tab named Items. Starting from column 'V', the columns no longer have (technical) descriptions. These columns can be used for your own entries.
2. Provide the name of the field in column 'V', use column 'W' for the second custom field, and so on.
3. Enter the value for each item in the column.
4. Save the document.
5. Import the document into the App4Sales CMS via Administration > Import/Export > Importing tab.
6. In the CMS, indicate that the field is a custom field via Items > Item categories.
7. Locate the row, click on the pencil icon,  and place a tick in the Is FreeField column.
8. Re-upload the file via Administration > Import/Export > Importing tab.
9. Refresh the app or Portal and check whether the field(s) with its content is displayed on the item detail card.

Afbeelding3.svg It's not possible to provide translations in another language for these fields.

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