How to create a Lookbook?

Read in our article What is a lookbook? more about it's application. Follow the steps below to create a basic lookbook for the app and/or Portal.

Step 1 Uploading Mood Images
1.1 Go to the CMS and select App4Sales > Mood Images or Portal4Sales > Mood Images.
1.2 Click the blue plus under the 'New Image' heading and select the image from your PC.
1.3 Give the mood image a name. This name can be made visible in the app and Portal.
1.4 Click Add Picture.
1.5 The uploaded image becomes visible on the left-hand side.

Lampje.svgCreate a ZIP file to import multiple images at once. Use the Batch Upload option.

Step 2 Linking items to the mood image
2.1 Click on the row of the mood image.
2.2 Click the blue plus above the 'Select item' heading.
2.3 Search by item number or description in the Add Items window.
2.4 Place a checkmark in front of the desired items and Save to link them to the image.

Lampje.svgUse the Filters button to link an assortment to the image. You can link both individual items and an assortment. More information.

Step 3 Creating the edition
To create a lookbook, you need to link the mood images to an edition. An edition is displayed as a button in the app or as a menu item in the Portal.
3.1 Go to App4Sales > Editions or Portal4Sales > Editions.
3.2 Click New Edition.
3.3 Give the edition a name that will be visible in the app and the Portal.
3.4 Check where the edition should be displayed. (App4Sales Enabled and/or Portal4Sales Enabled)

Step 4 Linking mood images to the edition
4.1 Click on the row of the edition you just created to link the mood image(s).
4.2 Using Manage mood images, the uploaded mood images will become visible.
4.3 Check the images you want to display with the edition and click Save.
4.4 If necessary, you can change the order of the images using Sort mood images by dragging them.

Step 5 Check the lookbook
Refresh the app and/or the Portal's browser and check if the edition is displayed as desired. See the article Troubleshooting Lookbook if the edition is not displayed as expected.

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