What is a lookbook?

In the lookbook, you have the opportunity to present the collection, or part of it, in an attractive and visual way using mood images.

This is used to showcase new collections and seasonal offers, where you can work with themes such as: spring, winter, sale, and so on. You can also highlight products from specific brands or from certain categories. This allows the representative to quickly find and present the right products to the customer.

In the image below, you can see an example of a lookbook with multiple editions, such as: Home Deco, Food & Beverages, Electronics, Flower & Gardenware, etc.

The editions appear as a menu item at the top of the Portal or as an additional button in the app's sidebar. After clicking on an edition, the corresponding mood images are displayed.

In the image above, the hair accessory items are displayed after clicking on the mood image 'Hair Accessories'.

Follow these steps to create your own lookbook.

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