Releasenotes May 2024

Portal Search Bar Option
As a Portal Administrator, I now have the option to show or hide the search bar before login. If the public catalog is hidden, the search bar will also be hidden.

Display additional information in future stock section 
An extra line of text will now be displayed in the future stock section of the product page, fulfilling a request from the client. The text will appear in an info-popup behind the future stock line.

Google Analytics: Improved handling of events 
The update includes improvements to the library where events are called in one place, resulting in only one function per event in the library instead of multiple JS files. All events except Add_to_cart/remove_from_cart are moved to the new library located in js/libraries/GoogleTagManager.js. The following events have been moved: view_item in Item.js, view_item_list in CatalogIndex.js, purchase in CheckoutIndex.js, begin_checkout in CheckoutIndex.js, add_payment_info in CheckoutIndex.js, add_shipping_info in CheckoutIndex.js, and select_item in CheckoutIndex.js, CatalogIndex.js, ItemIndex.js, QuickOrderIndex.js, and ShoppingCartIndex.js.

Consistent Price Display for Discounted Products 
The update ensures that when a product is discounted, the discounted price will be displayed with a strikethrough for both simple and matrix products. This update provides consistency in price display across all platforms.

Update on Active Language Tabs 
This update ensures that only the active languages are visible in the tabs. A toggle element has been added to show active or inactive languages. The preferred choice is saved in the admin preferences.

New Enhancements for Website Images 
The option to select a background image has been removed from the CMS if this feature is not supported on the frontend. 

Improved User Experience for Out of Stock Products
Improved the visibility of the 'Notify Me' button for out of stock products and simplified the email input field for simple products. Removed the variant selection for simple products.

New feature for dynamic pricing in catalog 
Customers can now enable dynamic pricing in the catalog, similar to the functionality on the product detail page. This feature is toggleable under 'Settings > Products' and is turned off by default. When enabled, the prices in the catalog will dynamically change based on the selected quantity threshold. Additionally, there is an option for extra price information under the 'Unit List Price' checkbox.

SKU Import Option Added to Shopping Cart
Users can now import products to their shopping cart based on SKU codes. The system now has an option to import using either EAN or SKU codes, with SKU validation to ensure only valid products are added to the cart. A template CSV file is now available for users to prepare their own SKU import files.

Media Item Ordering 
Media items can now be ordered via the 'sequence' field in the itemmedia endpoint. Each item will have a sequence number corresponding to its order in the CMS. If no specific order is determined, the default sequence value of 1 will be assigned. Please consult the updated API documentation for more information on how to use this feature.

PDF Order Confirmation now hides product color and size 
Customers can now choose to hide product color and size on their PDF order confirmations by setting 'hide_color' and 'hide_size' to "true". This functionality has also been implemented for order confirmations.

New functionality: Form Customization 
Users can now easily customize and reorder fields in Contact, Register, and New Customer forms, except for system fields. They can add, edit, or remove fields, and change their order using drag-and-drop functionality. To add a new field, simply click the 'Add Field' button and fill in the necessary details. To edit a field, click on it and make the desired changes. To remove a field, click on the 'Remove' button next to it. To reorder fields, simply drag and drop them in the desired order. These changes will help users tailor the forms to their specific needs and improve their overall experience.

New Features and Enhancements for Recommendations and Product Tiles 
Added 'Go to product' button to all recommendation, others also bought, featured products, and complete your look tiles. For Tweakwise tiles, added price information as well. The button takes the user directly to the respective product page. Price information and 'Go to product' button are clearly visible and readable. The functionality is consistent across different devices and browsers.

Tweakwise Quicksearch External Link Detection 
Users can now be directed to a new tab when an external link is detected in Tweakwise Quicksearch. The search results with external links will display the text 'This link leads to a new window' for user information.

Update for Linked Agents Email Notifications 
Linked agents will now only receive emails related to order confirmations when the 'order confirmation to linked agents' setting is enabled. They will not receive emails related to return orders, even if the setting is enabled. This functionality remains consistent regardless of the number of linked agents or the volume of orders.

New functionality: URL Mapper
The 'URL Mapper' functionality in the 'Superadmin' section allows users to map old URLs to new ones, helping to preserve search engine rankings and prevent users from landing on non-existent pages. The mapping is done through an intuitive interface, and the system validates the input to ensure that it is correct. When an old URL is visited, the user is automatically redirected to the corresponding new URL using a 301 status code. The system also includes a unit test to ensure that the mappings are properly created and that the redirects are functioning correctly.

Currency Error Detection and Notification for XML Imports 
Added new settings under Settings/Import to identify potential data errors in currencies during XML imports and proactively notify users. Users can choose to accept only currencies that appear in the currencies table and/or accept empty currencies. Changes are recorded in the XML log and notifications are sent for any detected errors. The feature applies to the XML-imports: catalog.xml, customers.xml, and prices.xml 

New clickable link added to email template for password reset 
A clickable link has been added next to the written URL in the email template for password reset. The link reads 'Click here to set your password' and takes users directly to the page where they can reset their password. This feature has also been made translatable and added as a placeholder to the email template for forgotten passwords. The link has been tested and works correctly, without any broken links or error messages.

New funtionality: Return orders update
Users can now approve or reject return orders on a per-product basis using a toggle. After making their selections, they can view a summary page of their decisions and provide a reason for rejection if necessary. Once they click 'Process Return', an email will be sent to the customer with details of the approved and rejected products, along with any comments. The update also includes a cancellation option.

New feature in 'My Shipments'  
Addresses imported from XML-shipment imports are now visible in the 'My Shipments' overview, consistent with the display in the order overview.

Product Group Selection 
The selected product group will now be displayed in the discount codes listview.

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