How to enable Margin on the order confirmation & show on the product detail page?

In the feature release of April 2024 it is now possible to show the margin that the buyer gets on the product on the order confirmation and on the product detail page.

The margin is the difference between the price the customer is paying in the B2B Portal and the recommended retail price (price the customer could be selling the product for). This is calculated and shown customer-specific.


Data needed in import to calculate margin

There is 4 fields that we need to receive in order to calculate the margin

  • unit_price (price paid in the portal)
  • unit_list_price (de MSRP or recommended retail price)

And in case pre-packs are in use, we need the following for margin to work properly;

  • unit_price_per_component (price paid for 1 unit in a prepack)
  • unit_list_price_per_component (MSRP recommended for 1 unit in a prepack)


Show margin on order confirmation (PDF & E-mail)

To show the margin on the order confirmation, go to Settings > Email Settings and enable the setting "Show margin on orderconfirmation"



Show margin on Product Detail Page

It is also possible to show the margin dynamically for the customer that is logged in on the product detail page. In order for this to work, we need to add the field on the tab manager.




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