How to configure related items?

Related items are a useful feature that links items based on their properties/similarities, making it easier for customers to find what they are looking for and potentially discover more products.

Steps to set up Related Items:

Preparing the CSV file

Ensure that an FTP server is linked to the App4Sales CMS. In the CSV file, related items are linked to the main item. Here's an example of the CSV file format:

It's important not to change the file name "extraItemData" or the column headers. To add more items, extend the string. Start with a small number of items to test the setup.

Placing the file on the FTP server

Upload the CSV file to the FTP server. Specify the file's location in the "Extra CSV data directory" setting within the App4Sales CMS. Access this setting via Administration > Settings > FTP server for external data.

Activating related items

Ensure that the Show related items on product detail page setting is enabled. You can find this setting under Portal4Sales > Settings > Item info tab.

Item synchronization

Run an item synchronization to load and display the related items in the Portal.

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