How to adjust the fields for creating a new customer in App4Sales?

When creating a new customer in App4Sales, it's important to determine which data the representative needs to fill in and which fields are mandatory.

This can be adjusted in the CMS via App4Sales > Create customer.

Hide Fields

On the right side of the screen, all available fields that can be filled in when creating a customer are shown. To hide certain fields in App4Sales, simply drag them to the left side of the screen.

Change Order

You can adjust the order of the fields by dragging the desired field to the correct position. Click on the row of the field, hold down the mouse button, and drag the field to the desired position.

Make Fields Mandatory

By clicking on the pencil icon next to the field, you can make the field mandatory. Then, check the "Mandatory" checkbox and save the changes. The mandatory fields are displayed in red. In App4Sales, mandatory fields are indicated by a blue asterisk (*).

Optional Settings

If the checkbox is enabled for 'Is collapsable', the menu is initially displayed collapsed in App4Sales. You must expand it first to fill in the data.

After making changes in the CMS, it's important to refresh App4Sales to apply the changes in the app.

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