How can I provide a different translation for a field on the order confirmation?

In certain cases, you may want to modify the names of specific fields on the order confirmation or provide them with a different translation. You can manage these translations in the CMS.

1. Navigate to Administration > Translations in the CMS.
2. In the search field, you can find specific terms.
3. For example, if you want to modify the 'Delivery date' field on the order confirmation, search for 'Delivery date'.
4. After clicking on the line, fields will appear on the right side for each language where you can enter the translation for that specific word.
5. In the example below, the term 'Delivery date' is translated to 'Expected delivery date'.
6. Save the change.

From now on, the translation will be displayed on the order confirmation for each language for which you have entered a translation.

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