Releasenotes November 2023

Enhanced Compatibility with iPhone (EezeeSales & EezeeRetail)

We're excited to announce an update that enhances your experience on iPhone. We have developed a new target that is specifically designed to optimize the performance on iPhone. Enjoy a smoother, faster, and more efficient app experience on your iPhone!

Improved Account Login and Session Management (EezeeSales & EezeeRetail)

With the latest update, we have enhanced the login functionality and session management for sales agents. This will provide a more seamless and secure user experience. If any issues are found, they can be reported to our support team at For optimal usage, please ensure your app is updated to version 4.02.

Update: Enhanced Visibility of Prepack Contents in the App (EezeeSales)

In our latest update, we've worked on enhancing the user experience in our app. Now, you can view the content of the prepack on the Product Detail Page (PDP) similar to the B2B experience.

Enhanced Customer Display in SalesApp (EezeeSales)

We've made a few updates to improve your experience on the SalesApp. Now, in addition to the company name, you'll also see the customer's name displayed on the dashboard, in the customer overview, and during the checkout process. This enhancement will provide you with more detailed information at a glance, making it even easier to manage your customers and orders.

New Wishlist Features from Lookbook (EezeeSales)

We're excited to announce a new update to our lookbook feature! Now, you can easily add products directly to your presale or stock wishlist from the lookbook. This enhancement allows a smoother and more efficient browsing experience for both end-users and sales agents. Remember to explore your lookbook and start adding to your wishlists!

Improved Navigation in Catalogue View (EezeeSales)

In this update, we focused on enhancing the user experience in the catalog view. Previously, when you scrolled through the catalog in grid view and then switched to single product view, the position in the catalog would not sync and vice versa. Now, we have made it so that the position in the catalog is consistent, regardless if you are viewing in grid or single product view. This means, when you switch views, you'll stay on the same spot in the catalog making your navigation smoother and more intuitive.

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