Releasenotes March 2024

Login Page Image now Clickable (B2B-4748)

The login page image is now clickable, enabling you to be redirected to relevant information. This feature builds on an existing capability to make images linkable. The link destination is dynamically set based on user or other criteria. The new functionality is user-friendly and intuitive.

Expanded List of Standard Fonts (B2B-4731)

The list of standard fonts has been expanded to include Montserrat, Oswald, Poppins, Nunito and Playfair Display. All fonts, including custom ones, are sorted alphabetically. The new fonts are compatible with the existing functionality for adding fonts.

Removal of 'Back to top' button in Jupiter theme (B2B-4701)

The 'Back to top' button has been completely removed from the Jupiter theme under 'Settings > Miscellaneous'. This was done to ensure that no features are activated that are not visible in the webshop.

Product Page and Order Confirmation Display Improvements (B2B-4680)

Context-Dependent Integration: We've introduced a dynamic addition of the EAN element within the tab manager. This feature is context-sensitive, adjusting based on the specific product page you're viewing. This enhancement ensures that relevant information is always at your fingertips, tailored to the product in question.

Conditional Display Options:

Size Visibility: In a move towards more personalized display settings, the size attribute can now be hidden based on user preference. If the {{hide_size}} parameter is set to {{true}}, the size will no longer be displayed, streamlining the viewing experience for users who deem this information unnecessary.

Color Visibility: Similarly, the color attribute can be hidden by setting the {{hide_color}} parameter to {{true}}. This option caters to users who prefer a simplified presentation, or when color information is not relevant, ensuring a cleaner, focused display of product details.

Order Confirmation Adjustments: Applying the same logic as above, we've made adjustments to the order confirmation process. This includes modifications to column headers to reflect the visibility settings for size and color, ensuring a consistent and relevant presentation of information across all user interactions.

Improved Menu Layout and Navigation (B2B-4581)

Introduce a new setting under 'Theme' called 'Use full width menu', which is disabled by default. When this setting is enabled, an option for 'Number of columns' will appear for each menu item, and the submenu will be divided under these columns. The goal is to improve the user experience when navigating through the core portal.

New features and enhancements for stock information display (B2B-4550)

This update includes new features and enhancements for displaying stock information in the webshop. Specifically, it will now show specific sizes of products until a certain stock percentage is reached. After that, it will show the text 'Available in most sizes'. The calculations for this information will be done periodically to avoid any real-time performance issues.

Notification Channel Settings Added (B2B-4543)

Users can now choose how they receive system-generated exception and warning notifications. A new module called 'Signalen' has been added under 'Controle & Ondersteuning' with the option to receive email notifications and/or Microsoft Teams notifications. Email notifications are sent to the email address provided, and the Microsoft Teams notification checkbox must be enabled to receive notifications via Teams. The 'Signalen' module is enabled by default.

Introducing Enhanced Navigation: 'Component Titles' with Active Visual Indicators (B2B-4528)

The 'Item translations' feature has been renamed to 'Component titles' for clarity. Additionally, visual indicators have been added to show which component or section is currently active to prevent confusion. The titles of all components have been reviewed to ensure they are not misleading.

New Feature: Dynamic Price Display (B2B-4522)

Customers can now see the correct price for their order quantity without the need to refresh the page. The unit price will be automatically updated to reflect the appropriate bulk discount.

Import stores and locations via CSV (B2B-4472)

A CSV import function has been developed to import stores and their corresponding geolocations using latitude and longitude. If either 'lat' or 'lng' fields are empty, the system will automatically look up the address and fill in the correct geographical coordinates. If both fields are already filled in, the values will be taken directly without any further lookups. A validation process has been implemented to ensure the correct storage of store information and geographical locations in the database after import.New Feature for Targeted Campaigns (B2B-4471)
You can now set a discount code for a specific product group, allowing for more targeted campaigns. Simply select the desired product group when creating the discount code, and only the products within that group will receive the discount upon use.

Multiple Account Authorization (B2B-4447)

This update introduces the ability for multiple accounts to place orders on behalf of a main user. The current functionality of the 'login_id' element has been expanded to allow for both 'username' and 'email' fields for authentication. Compatibility has been ensured for both new and existing login methods.

Downloads Page Improvements (B2B-4298)

The Downloads page has been improved for faster loading speed. Thumbnails are now generated during the upload process for images larger than 35kb, and these thumbnails are used on the Downloads page instead of full-size images.

Consistent item order for cart and order confirmation (B2B-3715)

The application now maintains consistent item order between the shopping cart and the order confirmation page. Additionally, the XML export function will maintain the same item order as the order confirmation page.

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