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New Feature Update: Enhanced Report Access

We're excited to introduce a new feature that allows you to view the visit reports of your fellow agents. This feature was designed to provide a comprehensive overview of all reports, enhancing collaboration and information sharing.


New Feature: Custom Theme Export

We've just added a new feature that enables you to export a theme you've designed as a template for use in the onboarding process. Here are the key points:

- An 'Export' button has been added to the theme editing screen.

- When you click this button, a popup will appear where you can name the theme you are about to export.

- Once you've named it, the theme will be exported for use in the onboarding process.

Please note, this feature is currently only available to superadmin users.


New Features and Enhancements in Theme Import Function

We're excited to announce several new features and enhancements in our latest update. These revolve around the theme import function in the Core-portal environment. Here's what you can expect:

1. Theme Import Function: We've added an option to import themes via the theme index screen. This aims to speed up the onboarding process.

2. Theme Templates Import: You can now import pre-designed Theme Templates. This feature facilitates greater ease and flexibility in theme management.

3. User Interface: We've integrated a clear and user-friendly interface for importing themes. This is to ensure that the import process is intuitive and easy to navigate.

4. Feedback Mechanism: After successfully importing a theme, you'll receive a feedback or a confirmation message. This ensures you're aware of the successful completion of the import process.


New Color Picker Feature for Theme Creation and Editing

We are excited to announce a new update that will help streamline your onboarding process. The update introduces a 'Color Picker' tab in the theme creation/editing screen. This feature allows you to select unique colors from the current theme and use these to generate a new base theme. It also pre-fills selected colors into relevant parts of the theme. This is designed to make theme creation and editing more efficient and user-friendly.


New Update: Enhanced User Control Over AI Features

We've updated our system to give users more control over their experience. Now, both administrators and end users have the ability to toggle AI functionalities on or off according to their needs. This new feature can be accessed within the account settings. Please note, if the AI module is turned off at a system level, users will not be able to toggle AI functionalities at the individual level.


Multiple Administrations Access and Enhanced Admin Links Module

We are excited to announce our latest update designed to streamline your workflow. Now, users can switch between different customer environments right from a single backend, thanks to a new dropdown feature. This dropdown will automatically appear when multiple environments are linked and will be hidden when there are no environments. In addition, we've created a new module named 'Admin Links' under Configuration for managing administrative links with fields for sequence, name, URL, and target. We hope these enhancements will make your work even more efficient!


New Features and Enhancements in Variant Recognition and Data Synchronization

With this update, our system has enhanced its capabilities in two key areas. Firstly, it can now automatically recognize when variants have been marked as 'new' in the PIM system. This ensures that new products or versions are quickly and accurately reflected across our platforms. Secondly, we have improved our data synchronization process. This means that the status of variants between the PIM system and the Core-portal will be updated in real-time or at scheduled intervals. This ensures consistency and accuracy in the representation of product variants across our systems.


Multiple Email Addresses Input and Consistent Use of Comma as Separator

We are excited to announce a new update to our system which introduces ease and consistency in the way multiple email addresses are entered. The new features and enhancements include:

- The ability to input multiple email addresses in the system. This will enable users to add more than one  email address at a time, increasing efficiency.

- The use of a comma (,) as a standard separator for splitting email addresses. This ensures consistency across the application and avoids confusion.

- A central application of separators. The system will now have a specific area where the separation of email addresses is applied with a comma, enhancing user experience and maintaining uniformity.


New Update: Enhanced AI Content Generation Targeting Specific Audiences

In our latest update, we've introduced a new feature to improve the relevance of AI-generated content for specific audiences. Now, under the B2B-4539 module, you'll find a new 'Audience' section where you can input specific audience details. This includes an 'Audience' text field to describe your target audience, and a 'Average Age' numeric field to input the average age of your audience. These settings will be used by our AI to generate content that better appeals to your specified audience.


Introducing the New Artificial Intelligence Module

We're excited to announce the addition of a new module - 'Artificial Intelligence'. This feature is designed to enhance the user experience by providing a central location to manage all AI functionalities. Here's what you can expect from this update:

1. Artificial Intelligence Module: This module will initially be disabled by default. You can enable or disable it any time via the system settings.

2. AI Functionalities Visibility: Once the 'Artificial Intelligence' module is enabled, various AI functionalities (which are not yet build) will become visible within the system. Please note that these functionalities will not be visible or accessible when the module is disabled.


Blog Page Update: Enhanced Sorting

We've made some improvements to the blog page to help you stay updated more efficiently. From now on, the blog posts will be sorted by their publication date by default, with the newest posts appearing at the top. This new feature is added along with the existing ones to enhance your reading experience.


New Features and Enhancements in Price Determination

We have implemented a new feature that allows users to specify the direction of rounding (upwards or downwards) when determining prices. This helps to prevent unintentional roundings that could potentially lead to unfair pricing. It is important to note that this new feature is fully compatible with our existing price determination processes.


Revamped Admin Menu Structure

We've simplified the admin menu structure for you. The third level has been removed to avoid intermediary screens. As part of these changes, we've created new sections for each component that previously had intermediary screens. These new sections house the links that were previously on the intermediary screens. In cases where a link to intermediary screens was already a sub-level, we've created a new section based on that level. Lastly, we've updated the left menu to match the new menu structure. The updates apply to the following components: Discount Rules, App, Tweakwise, DAM, Price conditions, Printables, Stats, Webservice.


Enhanced Image Linking Capabilities

We're excited to introduce a new feature that allows users to optionally add a link (URL) to images, guiding webshop visitors directly to chosen pages. You can now decide if these links will open in a new window. We have also migrated existing hardcoded image links to function in this same manner. This feature is applicable to the Top Logo (migrated), Page headers for Catalog, News, Contact, Blog, Press, Stores, Catalog item, and Lookbook selected.


Enhancements in the Website Images Module

We've introduced some exciting updates to the website images module. You can now add images for different locales active in the system. This feature helps to tailor your content according to specific geographic regions. If an image for a currently active locale is not available, the system will automatically use the image for the default locale. This ensures that there is always an image being displayed, enhancing the user experience.


New Feature: Secondary Buttons on LoginForm

We're excited to introduce a new feature that allows the placement of secondary buttons on the LoginForm. This feature enables easy navigation to other pages like the account/registration page. A new setting, 'url_registrations_button', has been added which is only visible when the registration module is turned off. If this setting is filled in, an extra button will appear next to the login button. The link attached to this button will open in a new tab. This update is designed to provide a more user-friendly and efficient navigation experience.


Enhancements to Core-portal Cookie Security

In our ongoing efforts to ensure the highest level of security for our Core-portal application, we've made some key enhancements to the way we handle cookies. Now, each cookie will include Secure, HttpOnly, and SameSite=Lax flags, further strengthening the safeguards against potential threats.


Improved Security and User Experience in Login Form

We have enhanced the security and user experience in the login form. Autocomplete can now be turned off for the password field, adding an extra layer of security. This behavior can be controlled with the setting Allow Autocomplete For Password Field which is enabled by default.

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