Releasenotes December 2023

API Response Status Code Update

We have made some improvements to our API to enhance the way it communicates with your applications. Now, the API will provide accurate status codes in response to requests. This means if a request is successful, it will return a 200 status code. If a request encounters an error, it will return an appropriate 4xx or 5xx status code, depending on the nature of the error. This update will help your application better handle responses from our API, improving the overall functionality.

New Webhooks Feature in Core-Portal

We've added a new feature to our Core-Portal. Now, you can both send and receive webhooks, keeping your other applications informed about any changes in the Core-Portal, and vice versa. This update includes the ability to send webhooks when specific events occur in Core-Portal, receive webhooks from other applications, validate received webhooks for security, and a management interface for configuring webhooks. We hope this update enhances your productivity and experience!

Update on Delivery Time Frame Code and Ask Delivery Window Functionality

We've made some updates to improve your experience. Here's what's new:

1. If the 'ask_delivery_window' field contains one of the following values: 'nee', 'calendar', or '2 calendars', the 'DeliveryTimeFrameCode' field will not be added to the 'reflecta.xml' export.

2. All existing functionalities around 'ask_delivery_window', 'DeliveryTimeFrameCode' and 'reflecta.xml' export will remain unchanged.

Rest assured, these changes won't impact other parts of the application and we're maintaining our high standard of quality with rigorous checks.

New Update: Enhanced Checkout Settings

In our latest update, we've introduced a new feature that gives you more control over your checkout process. Now, you can decide whether customers can download order confirmations or not. This option has been implemented as a new setting called 'Enable order confirmation download' under 'settings/checkout'. If this setting is turned off, the button to generate a PDF order confirmation will not be displayed. This change will immediately affect the visibility of the PDF generation button in the checkout process.

Enhancements to Data Search Functionality in Custom Forms

We've made some significant updates to improve your experience while using our platform. The key features of this update include:

1. Enhanced Search Functionality: You can now search across different columns within a data table in custom forms. This makes it easier to find and access the data you need.

2. Real-Time Filtering: As soon as you start typing in the search field, the search results will be filtered immediately. This gives you quicker access to your relevant data.

These updates are designed to make data retrieval more efficient and user-friendly, reducing the amount of time you spend on data management.

Currency Format Update for Enhanced User Experience

We are happy to announce our latest update which focuses on providing a more personalized and intuitive user experience. The amounts throughout the system will now dynamically adjust based on the user's location. 

Enhanced CRM Access for Superagents

We are introducing a new setting named 'Mag CRM data van subagenten zien' under a superagent account. By default, this setting is turned off. Once activated, the superagent will have access to all CRM data, including visit reports, of their subagents. Additionally, an 'All' option will be added to the dropdown menu when this setting is activated, providing a comprehensive view of all subagent data in one place.

Visual Enhancement to Settings Page Checkboxes

We've made a visual update to the checkboxes on the Settings and Sub-pages. These checkboxes have now been replaced with toggle elements. This change is purely visual and does not affect the functionality of the checkboxes in any way.

Enhanced Analytics Support with Google Analytics 4

We are excited to announce the introduction of support for Google Analytics 4 (GA4) in our B2B environment. This enhancement allows you to better monitor your customers' activities on the website, enabling you to optimise your services based on their behaviour. Key features include:

1. Ability to enter either a GA4 Meeting ID or a Google Tag Manager Container ID.

2. The associated JavaScript for GA4 or Google Tag Manager will be activated on the designated part of the B2B frontend.

3. This code will only be visible when the site is in production mode, ensuring a smooth user experience.

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