Releasenotes September 2023

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Enhanced Catalogue Navigation

We've made improvements to the B2B system to enhance your browsing experience in the catalogue. Previously, if you were scrolling through multiple pages of products, clicked on one for more details, and then hit 'back', you would return to the beginning of the catalogue. Now, the system will remember where you left off, so if you return from a product details page, you'll be right back where you were in the catalogue, even if you had loaded multiple pages. This will make it easier to navigate the catalogue without losing your place or having to open multiple tabs.

Enhanced Web Page Loading Speed

With this update, we have optimized our Core-portal to provide a faster and smoother browsing experience for all users. To achieve this, we have restructured our CSS code by splitting it into separate sections for different parts of the website, such as the header, main body, footer, and various pages. This ensures that only the relevant CSS is loaded for each page, thereby improving page load speed. This update applies to all pages, including the shopping cart, catalogue, matrix, simple product, and more. Rest assured, despite these changes, the visual styling of the elements on these pages will remain the same as before.

Product Addition Notification Update

We've made an update to improve your shopping experience. Now, when you add an item to your cart, you'll receive a notification. But don't worry about being flooded with notifications - you'll only see this message under the product you've just added to your cart.

New Toggle Element Enhancement

We are excited to introduce a new update aimed at improving your user experience. We have developed a new toggle element based on the checkbox. This new feature is designed to provide better visual feedback, making it more intuitive and user-friendly. In addition, the new toggle element has been added to the styleguide page for easy access and convenience.

Update: Added Unit Display to Open Orderlines

We've made an enhancement to improve your experience. Now, as an end user, you have the option to view the unit of an orderline. A selectable unit column has been added to the 'My Open Orderlines' overview. This gives you more detailed information about your orders, making order management more efficient and user-friendly.

Release Notes: Enhanced Product Media Retrieval

We've updated our API to streamline the way you access product images. You can now retrieve images based on model, style, or unique variant ID. This new feature will enable you to view all images associated with a specific model or style. Alternatively, if you input a unique variant ID, the API will return images associated with the parent style. Please note that the parameters for model, style, and unique variant ID are all optional. While we currently only support image retrieval, we've designed this feature with the future in mind, making it easy for us to add the ability to retrieve other media types as they become available.

New Feature: Enhanced API Documentation

We are thrilled to announce the integration of Swagger (OpenAPI) in our Core-portal API. This new feature will allow API consumers to know which endpoints they can call and what information they can get. We have also ensured that this documentation can be generated based on the various API endpoints. You will be able to access the generated documentation at /apidocs/v{1}. We believe this will significantly improve your experience with our API by providing clear, detailed, and easy-to-navigate documentation.

New Features and Enhancements in Discount Codes Module

We've made some exciting changes to the Discount Codes module. Now, as an admin, you can give absolute discounts in addition to the existing percentage-based discounts. We've also added a function to convert these discounts into different currencies based on the website's default currency. A new feature has been introduced to convert any remaining discount amount into a new voucher with the same characteristics. If the voucher is linked to a return, it will also be updated there. We've made sure to comprehensively test these new features to ensure that your experience is seamless and efficient.

Product Tile Size Customization Update

We're excited to present an enhancement tailored for both tablet and desktop users. Admins can now specify the number of product tiles they wish to display on the catalogue page via a dropdown menu. Located in the theme settings, this feature provides options to select various tile counts. Whether you opt for a default setting or choose to display up to 6 tiles in a row, our goal is to optimize visibility and navigation.

New Update: Enhanced Return Order Functionality with Voucher

We are thrilled to introduce an update to our Return Order functionality. You now have the option to approve returns with a discount voucher. When this option is checked, a voucher is created and the voucher code is returned and emailed to the customer using a new template. The email will include the details of the voucher, such as its value, valid from and until dates, and the voucher code. In addition, we have introduced two types of vouchers: 'Absolute voucher' and 'Percentage voucher'. Depending on the type of voucher chosen, the corresponding amount or percentage field will appear. We have also added numeric validation to the voucher amount field for data accuracy. Finally, the issued discount code will be visible in the datatable. Please note, this feature will only be available if the 'discount_codes' module is turned on.

New Update: Enhanced Control over Media Grid Display

We are happy to announce a new update to your Media Grid interface. With this update, you now have the option to activate or deactivate individual Media Grid items. This enhanced control allows you to have greater discretion over the visibility of your Media Grid items, providing a more customizable experience.

Enhanced Sale Indications and New 'Calculated' Option

In this update, we've improved the functionality of 'sale' indications to match that of 'new' indications. Now, you can choose the level at which the sale indications are visible. We've also introduced the 'Calculated' option, which works as the current system does. If you select 'Calculated', the other options will be disabled. Please note that 'Calculated' is the default choice. We've also made some changes to the checkbox selections, replacing the previous 'Show sale marking at variant level' checkbox with a select box, and adding 'Show sale marking at model level' and 'Show sale marking at style level' select boxes. The options available are: 'Off' - no sale marking will be displayed, 'Calculated' - sale marking will be displayed as it was before this update, 'If one or more variants are on sale' - when one or more underlying variants are marked as sale, the sale marking will be displayed, 'If all variants are on sale' - when all underlying variants are marked as sale, the sale marking will be displayed.

Introducing Order Type-Based Discounts

With this new update, customers can now provide discounts based on the order type a user is logged in with. The option to specify this is available in the discount_rules.xml file. This update also includes the addition of a new 'ordertype' column in the discountrule table, which can have values like 'stock', 'presale', or 'both'. The interface and admin screen have also been updated to accommodate these changes. The discount rule display in the matrix has also been enhanced to only show rules related to the logged-in order type.

New Update: Enhanced Image Storage and Improved Product Pictures Module

With the latest update, we have improved the way our system stores images. Now, images will be stored in two tables - the existing 'item_semantics' table and the new 'item_images' table. This is a step towards transitioning to exclusive storage in the 'item_images' table. Additionally, we have refactored the 'product pictures' module to support this new functionality. You will still be able to add new images as before, and they will be stored in both tables.

Update: Enhanced Data Storage with New Item Extra Filters Table

We're excited to announce an update that enhances how we store specific data. Previously, 'extra filters' were stored in the 'item_semantics' table. With this update, we've created a new 'item_extra_filters' table to house this data. This change improves the way we manage and retrieve data, with a focus on efficiency and user experience.

Bulk Update Feature and CSV Import/Export Functionality in PrestaShop's Product Management Screen

We are excited to announce the addition of new features in the Product Management Screen of PrestaShop. These updates are designed to enhance your user experience and productivity.1. Bulk Update Feature: You can now specify in bulk which items are active. This feature allows for efficient management of your product listings.2. CSV Import/Export Function: You can now import and export product information via a CSV file. The import function allows you to update in bulk the status of your products (active/inactive) by uploading a CSV file. The export function enables you to download a CSV file containing the status of all products at the time of export. The CSV file can contain the following values:   - Empty → Skip   - 1 → Active   - 0 → Inactive. These features aim to provide a seamless product management experience in PrestaShop and we hope you find them beneficial.

Performance Enhancement for IP Whitelisting

We have optimized our backend operations to significantly reduce duplicate queries when retrieving whitelisted IPs. This update will improve the overall efficiency of the system, resulting in a better user experience. Specifically, we have investigated and utilized eager loading to curtail these duplicate queries.

New Feature: Complete Your Look Visibility for Non-Logged In Users

We've made an update to enhance your browsing experience. Non-logged in users can now see the 'Complete Your Look' feature. You will find this setting under the 'Miscellaneous' category. Please note that if the catalogue is not publicly accessible, this setting will be hidden.

Compatibility Update for Core-portal and Prestashop version 8.1

We have conducted extensive tests to ensure that the Core-portal is compatible with Prestashop version 8.1. Our focus was on the Prestashop connector, making sure it works seamlessly with the new Prestashop version. If any incompatibilities were discovered during testing, they have been documented and will be addressed. The objective of this update is to deliver a smooth and efficient user experience when using the Core-portal with Prestashop 8.1. Please refer to the official Prestashop version document for more details.

Enhancements to Product Catalog: Customizable Border Colors

We are introducing a new feature that will allow administrators to accentuate the borders of product tiles in the catalog. A new entry named 'Product Tile Border Color' has been added in the theme editor, enabling admins to change the border color of the product tiles. By default, the product tiles will have a transparent border of 1px. This upgrade aims to increase the visual appeal and customizability of your product catalog.

New Customization Options for Catalog Tiles

We have introduced two new settings to give you more control over how your catalog tiles are displayed. You can now choose whether to show labels for 'unit price' and 'model number' on your catalog tiles. To access these options, go to the settings/catalog section. By default, these options are turned off. If you tick these options, the respective labels will be displayed on your catalog product tiles. Please note that you can change these settings at any time.

Update on New Voucher Creation and Notification

We are pleased to announce an update aimed at improving your shopping experience. Firstly, whenever a new voucher is created based on a remaining balance from an absolute voucher, you will be notified. This is a feature linked to our recent absolute vouchers update. Secondly, if there's a leftover amount from the discount given and a new voucher is created, an email will be sent to you based on the 'Your discount voucher' template. Lastly, during the checkout process, you will receive a notification stating 'A new voucher has been created worth xx as there is a remaining balance'. We hope these enhancements make your shopping experience smoother and more enjoyable.

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