How do I send a message to Control room or the transport supervisor from App2Track?

Would you like to contact Control Room or your transport supervisor?
Depending on who your client is, is it possible to send a route and/or stop message via App2Track. 

Route messages

Do you have a general message about your tour, are you in a traffic jam for example?
Then send a route message to the Control room or transport supervisor.
Please note: put your own and road safety first!

Step 1. In App2Track within your tour, search for the button below: make route message to control room.

Step 2. Choose a standard message or type your own.
Click on to send your message to Control Room or the transport supervisor. 

Step 3. Have you sent the message? Then click Close to return to the stop view.

Step 4. Stay in the stop view and wait for a response. Note that the chat interface opens automatically when the transport supervisor sends a message back. 

Stop messages

Do you have a specific comment about a store because you have arrived at the location?
If so, you can use the stop message.

Examples of situations for which the stop message can be used:

  • A gate that is always closed.
  • A car that is always in the way.
  • Another delivery that you always have to wait for.

Please note that stop notices are for reporting purposes only. Based on your report, the transport supervisor can change something about the recurring problem. Do you want to communicate with the transport supervisor about an issue? Then use the route message.

Step 1. In the task overview, scroll down. The stop message can be found in the stop, under Stop Options.

Do you have questions about the route or stop messages? 
Please contact the support department of App2Track.
We can be reached by email


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