Can I change the quantities delivered?

Would you like to change the numbers delivered afterwards, or would you like to add additional information to the tour for administrative purposes? This is possible in App2Track's CMS. Just follow the steps below.

Step 1. In the CMS, go to the Settings tab.

Step 2. Choose CMS and select the option Allow changing of realized amount for cargoes. Click on Save.

Step 3. Go to the tab all tours. Select tour details on the right side of the screen.

Step 4. The tour detail information screen shows specified information about the tour. This includes scheduled delivery times, addresses, type of load and quantities realized.

Step 5. Is there an order for which the realized quantity is not correct? This is easy to adjust. Enter the correct quantity in the realized column and click on Save Changes.

Step 6. Would you like to add additional files, such as a tank receipt or driver communication? Click on add file(s) and upload the file. Then click on Save changes.

Step 7. Are you ready? Click on approve. Please note that after this, it is no longer possible to make changes.

Do you have questions about changing or adding detail information?
Please contact the support department of App2Track.
We can be reached by email


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