How do I ensure that an order is placed first or last in a tour?

Do you want an order to be the first or last stop in a tour?
Then add a start or end label. You can read more about this feature in this article. 

Step 1. In the CMS, go to the Orders tab and create a tour via Step 2 Assemble tours.
You can read more about creating tours in this article. [reference].

Step 2. To add a start/end label, click in the gray field, near the order you want to give this label.

1x click gives the order the label "start".
2x click gives the order the label "end".
3x click removes the label.

Step 3. Go to Actions and click on Optimize Route. It is important to use this feature correctly.
You can read more about optimizing and recalculating tours in this article [reference].

Step 4. After optimizing, App2Track places the selected order(s), at the beginning or end of the tour. It is also possible to add a time block to an order. In this article, you can read more about adding time blocks. [reference]. 

Do you have questions about adding start or end markers and/or creating new tours?
Please contact the support department of App2Track.
We can be reached by email



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