How to work offline with App4Sales?

In case of an interrupted internet connection, App4Sales allows you to continue creating new orders and customers. Once the connection is available again, this information can be transmitted to the App4Sales CMS, which in turn seamlessly forwards it to the ERP.

Follow these steps:

1. Switch the app to offline mode by navigating to Menu > Settings > Connection tab and activating the Offline mode setting.

2. Create a new customer as usual. Upon saving, a message will appear: 'The customer was not send to the backend, but saving was successful'.
3. Create a new order and click 'Save' instead of 'Send'. You get the choice between 'Complete' or 'Incomplete'. In both cases, you can edit the order later. However, complete orders can be sent instantly with one click once the app is reconnected.

4. Send the saved data when the app is reconnected. Send customer information via Menu > Send in offline created customers, and for saved orders, go to Menu > Stored orders > Completed orders tab > click Send orders.

These steps ensure that you can continue working even without an internet connection and efficiently sync your data once connectivity is restored.

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