Registration mileage and break times in App2Track

In App2Track, drivers can easily register mileage and break times. The data is easily and quickly available through the tour reports in the CMS. Follow the instructions below to activate the mileage and hour registration and enter the data.

Step 1. In the CMS go to the tab Settings - App.

Step 2. Scroll down and select the setting "Enable registering milage and break time for tour."

Step 3. Click on Save.

Step 4. Log in to App2Track with your mobile phone. Select your vehicle and accept a tour. [Reference].
After accepting, the screen where you can enter the mileage and license plate number of the trailer, will appear.

Step 5. Click on Route Information. A field appears with relevant trip information such as the number of stops, planned distance and estimated time duration. Finally, click Start Trip.

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