How do I add a default start and/or end address to a tour?

Do you start your tour from the same address every time? App2track can adjust the route accordingly. It is possible to add your company address as a default start and/or end address. Please, follow the steps below.

Step 1. In the CMS, go to the Company tab and click on Add Address.

Step 2. Enter all relevant information, such as street name, house number, zip code and city. Then there is the option to choose a main, default start and/or end address. Click on Save.

Step 3. The added address is visible under the tab Company - Addresses.

Step 4. Go to the tab Settings - CMS. Select the option "Include start/end locations as tour stops". Click on Save. After selecting this setting, the specified address will be visible in the tours as the default start and/or end address.

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