Android | What permissions should I give when I install the app?

After installing App2Track, Android asks questions/permissions that make the user aware of applying certain features in the background. In the past, this was just one question - whether the user agreed that App2Track could use files and photos. This has now been broken down into separate questions.
These changes are determined by Android and unfortunately, we cannot influence them. Below are all the permissions that must be given when installing App2Track.

Step 1. When installing the app, the first step is to ask for permission to use the device's location. Click on Use Location. In addition, it is also possible here to change the language from English to Dutch.

Step 2. Use the location precise and while using the app.

Step 3. Choose allow all the time and use precise location. We understand that the "allow all the time" option causes confusion. For proper transmission of GPS from App2Track, it is necessary that you choose this option. Important to know: GPS updates are only sent at the time you are logged in and have accepted a tour. Do you close the tour or the app? Then the device stops sending GPS updates. In addition, it is important to choose the option use precise location. This is "on" when the slider is to the right and possibly colored blue or green.

Step 4. When you log in the first time, you will be asked to allow App2Track access to photos and media. Click on Allow. App2Track does nothing with media or photos already on the phone.

Step 5. Do you use the scan function via compose a tour?
Then the first time you will be asked for permission to take photos and videos. Click on While using the app.

Do you have questions about the permissions you need to grant while installing the app?
If so, please contact App2Track's support department.
We can be reached by email



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